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10 September
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Colleen N. is a 20-something Laurier Alumni who spends her time on a soap box ranting about her materialistic society that would rather spend $250 million on an airbus than direct that money towards the homeless in Toronto, the children dying of AIDS in Africa and the children starved for love and attention in Romanian orphanages. She is an outspoken, right-wing, activist (yes, yes, it's quite the contradiction) who harbours a not-so-secret desire to stage a coup on the Fiberals. In between ranting about Paul, "the Goat," Martin, the Fiberals and how people were not created to sit in traffic on the 401 and experience things like "road rage," Colleen also fills out grad school and teacher's college applications.

The former English major has a geekish obsession with literature, music, and film and has a passion for the creative side of life. Between living on a soapbox and feeding her obsessions she also volunteers at her church with scary teenagers who make her feel old (but she still loves them) and plans future mission trips to Romania and Africa (which one day she will actually go on).

If the above didn't give it away, after 4 years at university, Colleen has an exceptional talent at procrastination. She is currently using that talent to avoid finding a job as she fears being finished university. But alas, she has to find one as she has plans to move to the UK in September, 2005. This is evident in her obsession with all things British, including footy, proper spelling (death to the 'z'), film and Tim Hughes.

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